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A sunny, hot and windy day set the scene for the new sewing pattern photography as part of last year's launch of the rebrand. A perfect reflection of the new bright colours and look and feel of the brand, as well as the whirlwind of designing and sewing during the nap time and nights with a baby to launch before summer! 

Not long after NSW lockdown restrictions eased, we met photographer Maja Baska at a friend's house with all mostly new makes of all of the Honey & Rose sewing pattern range.

Most of the garments in the original photography included patterned fabric which made it hard to see the actual garment construction and design, so for these new photos I made the garments in plain (or near plain) linen.


The Final Makes 

Blue is one of my favourite colours (closely behind green) so there was no doubt to make one of the new garments from de Linum Store's Royal Blue Linen Blend. It was so beautiful to work with and at 126gsm it is so light to wear as the Muriel Top

Muriel Top Sewing Pattern PDF Sewing Pattern


Another beauty from de Linum Store was the Rusty Red Linen Blend that I used for the Marie Skirt. A much heavier weight at 250gsm, I absolutely love the structure it gave to the skirt, also choosing to go with the shorter length for the photoshoot this time around, I'm super pleased with how cute it looks!

Marie Skirt Sewing Pattern PDF Sewing Pattern


Another colour weakness of mine is teal, and I couldn't go past this one on one of my visits to my local fabric store Minerva's Bower. I've had it sitting in my stash for a year or so with the intention of making a Nancy Top post pregnancy and so happy with how it looks and being able to wear it again!
Nancy Top Sewing Pattern PDF Sewing Pattern


Do you have those fabrics in your stash that you don't remember what you bought them for? Well that is how the latest Kristy Shorts make came about! The newest pdf sewing pattern at the time for Honey & Rose, the Kristy Shorts linen from Spotlight is a beautiful steel blue - about as colourful as I get choosing fabric for shorts!
Kristy Shorts Sewing Pattern PDF Sewing Pattern
The last of the new makes was for the not-yet-released Kristy Pants Add-On sewing pattern. At 178gsm, this trouser stripe linen from de Linum Store is just beautiful to sew an even more beautiful to wear. I think I'll be reserving these to working from home when the kids are at Nanna's to save them from slobber and food - ha!
Kristy Pants Add-On Sewing Pattern PDF Sewing Pattern
And not a new make, but I couldn't just leave one out! The Rachel Cardigan is a Polyester Spandex blend from Knit Wit, and again I just love this blue with the fleck of black throughout.
Rachel Cardigan Sewing Pattern PDF Sewing Pattern

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