5 Tips To Take Your Outfit From Day To Night

Honey & Rose 5 Day To Night Fashion Tips
We’ve all searched through our wardrobe for the perfect combination of clothes to go from an afternoon exploring to a delectable dinner or from the comfort of our desks to a night out for drinks.

Here are our top tips to help you transform your outfit, saving you time and from having to take a whole new wardrobe with you.

1. Starting with a versatile base layer

Start with a piece that you can dress up or down with simply changing another layer. In winter, this could be a pair of Olivia Pants or jeans that you wear with a top and jumper or denim jacket with during the day, and switch out with a blazer at night.

When paired together our Olivia Top & Pants can even appear as a jumpsuit that you can elevate or separate for the evening.

2. Step out in the right shoes

Depending on your plans for the day, you may be able to get away with wearing the same pair of stylish sneakers, flats or even heals all day.

But remember to be practical - it can be hard to expect a pair of shoes to suit all occasions, but a simple switch from sneakers for boots or heals is an easy way to elevate any outfit.

3. A bag that converts

Choosing a bag with multiple strap options will be your new go to when you head out for the day. A bag that has multiple strap options to change the look or converts to a clutch to dinner is perfect.

4. Refresh your hair and makeup

Packing a small bag of makeup, hair ties and bobby pins goes a long way. Switching out your lipstick from a neutral in the day to bolder colour and applying or refreshing any foundation or blush at night is all it can take.

I’m a hair up kind of girl during the day, so letting those locks loose at night is a great way to change up a look.

5. Switch out your accessories

This could be anything from earrings to necklaces, hats to scarves. Choose more conservative and practical pieces in the day and swap these out for statement pieces of jewellery and silk scarves at night.

Hone & Rose Blue Mountains Slow Fashion Day
Hone & Rose Blue Mountains Slow Fashion Dinner

At Honey & Rose, our pieces are the perfect base layers for your wardrobe. our tops, pants and skirts are perfect for a casual coffee, beautiful bushwalk or a delicious dinner.

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