What Is Slow Fashion?

What Is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is the conscious creation of garments, being mindful of the resources and time it takes to make them, giving each piece careful consideration as it’s made.  

These extra considerations include qualities such as:

  • being able to pre-wash fabric before it is cut to ensure a reliable fit 
  • creating custom lengths, sizes and colours that are chosen by the individual, rather than a ‘one length fits all’ approach
  • designing timeless pieces that compliment a capsule-style wardrobe
  • being locally and fairly made
  • creating as they’re needed as made to order pieces or small batches to avoid contributing to storing an oversupply of old stock and fast fashion waste.

By creating timeless pieces that focus on technique and quality fabric, you’re buying investment pieces that save you time so you’re not having to replace your clothes as often as they will last longer and actually fit you.

Having slow fashion pieces like this in your wardrobe should compliment any daybreak to dinner look that you want to achieve as you simplify your wardrobe choices day in and day out.

At Honey & Rose our slow fashion pieces focus on comfort, style and practicality. Our elasticated waistbands in our pants and tops allow the pieces to work with you throughout the ever-changing phases of the month and years that women encounter. 

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