How To Find Time To Sew (When You Feel Like You Don't Have Time!)

How To Find Time To Sew (When You Feel Like You Don't Have Time!)
Let's face it, life is BUSY! 

Whether you're parenting, working, finally socialising again, studying or all of these things combined (I know this feeling - eek!) it can be hard to find the time to really sit down and sew.

For the last couple of months, for myself in particular, I have been busy with all of these wonderful things, so I have had little to report for my monthly sewing round up. But during these busy times I needed to make sure that I stayed connected to my sewing projects.

If I was going to stay connected to my sewing projects, I firstly needed to let go of the idea of sitting down for hours on end to prepare and sew and instead break it into smaller tasks. One of the many joys of sewing is that this can be done so easily!

I've come up with some lists and ideas that break down a sewing project to help you to reconnect and stay connected with your sewing even during busy times!


Preparing for your next sewing project

There are many small preparation tasks you can do to get your project ready so when you sit down to sew it can be all about actually sewing.

Breaking the process down so even if you can only manage one of these a day, will help you feel connected to your sewing projects.

Pattern preparation

  • Take your measurements
  • Print PDF pattern pages
  • Trim off PDF pattern edges
  • Tape PDF pattern together
  • Cut out pattern pieces
PDF Sewing Pattern Preparation

Sewing preparation

  • Change machine needle/s
  • Thread your sewing machine and bobbin
  • Thread your overlocker
  • Iron fabric in preparation for cutting
  • Cut out fabric (even if it is just one or two pieces of the pattern at a time)
  • Iron on any interfacing
  • Marking darts / pleats / etc
  • Create any bias binding
  • Pick out zippers and buttons
Ironing Fabric

Preparing your sewing space

It might not be the most appealing task, but there's nothing worse than getting a moment to sew and having to clear off all the paperwork, hand-me-downs and general household items that can end up on your cutting and sewing tables.

Keep your sewing room sacred

The best way to keep your sewing area clean and ready-to-go is to try and be vigilant about it staying purely a sewing area and not let anything else creep it's way in.

Organising your fabric and sewing patterns

Storage of fabric and sewing patterns can quickly turn to chaos and become overwhelming. Take some time to check out Pinterest and get some inspiration on how to organise fabric and sewing patterns for your space.

If you don't have a sewing room invest in small sewing furniture

Not everyone has an extra room in their house to dedicate completely to sewing, and we all know that having to clear the dining table or kitchen bench and setup your sewing machine can be enough of a barrier to stop you from starting. Fold away sewing tables like this Arrow 101 Judy Sewing and Craft Table with Storage is perfect for storing your machine and essential supplies.

Arrow 101 Judy Sewing and Craft Table with Storage


Clean as you sew

Yes that old saying to clean as you go is actually works! Even if it's not as you go but after each session of sewing (no matter how long or short) you bin / recycle any loose threads / fabric so it is clean for when you return next, your future self will thank you.


Cleaning your machine

Show your sewing machines some love and give them a wipe down and dust - it may even save you some time later if they start faulting from being clogged up with dust!

Clean Sewing Machine 

I hope these ideas of breaking down your sewing preparation and organising your space inspire you to keep connected to your wonderful skill that is sewing - happy sewing!


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