PDF Sewing Pattern FAQs

If you're new to the exciting world of PDF patterns, welcome!


Each pattern designer has their own style in laying out their patterns, get your scissors and sticky tape ready!

The page border for each page fits within both A4 and US letter size paper. A small piece of the adjoining pages overlap to help match up the pages.

1. Ensure to print at actual size and print page 1 first to ensure that the test squares measure 1cm / 1”.

2. When printing at home/as separate pages, the layout should look as shown on the PDF LAYOUT (A4/US LETTER PRINTING) page of the instructions. Below is an example of how this layout looks for the Rachel Cardigan when pieced together. Note: cut on the outside of the page border, not inside or on the line.

 3. For the 1st row, cut off the left hand side of the paper outside of the border.

Honey & Rose First Row

4. For the 2nd to last rows, cut off the left and top sides outside of the border.

Honey & Rose Last Row

5. Layout the pages as shown above, matching the diamond notches and tape together along all the joins. The pattern is now ready to be cut out.

6. Please recycle any scrap paper.

If you have any more questions, please contact us