Indie Sewing Pattern Designer Rose MacMurray

Welcome to Honey & Rose!

Hello! My name is Rose and I’m the indie designer and creator of the sewing patterns and blog that is Honey & Rose.

Based in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW Australia, I have a passion for designing wardrobe staples for women with a professional finish (inside and out!) 

A little about me

When my Mum taught me how to sew around the age of 18, I mostly started out making skirts and loved being able to make something in a fabric that no one else would have.

Indie Sewing Pattern Designer Rose MacMurray

I pursued a career as a graphic designer and later completed an online sewing and pattern drafting course to gain new skills and haven’t looked back since! I learnt how to combine my knowledge of graphic design, my new pattern drafting skills and passion for sewing for my own personal projects.

About Honey & Rose

Fast forward a few more years and I discovered the world of indie patterns and PDF patterns - my eyes were opened to a world that combined all of my passions. I couldn't wait to get started drafting my own patterns and create my own label.

I started researching sizing and drafting my basic pattern block in multiple sizes. I took it to a range of friends and family to try on my basic pattern block dress and found common issues and adjustments that they also had with ready-to-wear garments and I was excited to work on my sizing to reflect the real women in my life - and so Honey & Rose was born!  

Every Honey & Rose sewing pattern is tested with an amazing group of sewists with different skill levels, international locations and covering a range of sizes at both ends of the size range that Honey & Rose covers.

All Honey & Rose patterns include:
• Full colour photograph instructions, including instructions on how to assemble the PDF pattern
• PDF layers so you can turn on and off different sizes, only printing the size/s you need
• Overlocking/zigzag steps to give your skirt a professional finish
• Instructions are grouped by task for smooth workflow and efficiency
• Drafted from the Honey & Rose block and based on Australian sizing, PDF pattern files include sizes 8-16, 16-24 and a combined 8-24 (see Sizing Guide) suitable to print on A4 or US Letter
• Copyshop/large format printing versions are also included so you have the option to print at your local copyshop instead of at home and without needing to tape pages together
• Copyshop/large format permission letter

Thank you for visiting Honey & Rose! The sewing community is one of the most supportive and amazing communities I've seen and I'd love to connect with you on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy sewing!


Photography by Maja Baska